Sound Journey
6:00 PM18:00

Sound Journey


Music has an uncanny ability to help us move and gently release stuck emotions. Simply lie down, relax, and listen to lighten. Let the vibrations loosen up any bound up stress, anxiety, or regret that may be weighing you down. Calm the central nervous system and allow your body to enter a state of rest and healing. Nathan and Ada, of Nada Wakes use the power of their voices embraced in harmony, instruments used in healing practices around the world, and original mantras to guide you on a journey into the energy centers of the chakras that weave your body mind and spirit together into a holistic experience of self. Gift yourself this time and space to tune in and listen to your inner world and leave open, lightend, loving and more gracious toward yourself and those around you.

All bodies and abilities are welcome! Participants simply recline on yoga mats, bolsters, or any other props or seats. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, yoga mat, journal, and anything else you might need to feel relaxed and comfortable. Yoga mats and props are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Space is limited, pre-registrations recommended.

Sound Journey followed by a special integration workshop!

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