Recently I experienced a life-changing experience when both my Achilles Tendons became inflamed with tendinitis.  Being new to Wenatchee I researched for acupuncture. I called Lisa Jordan after seeing her advertisement in a local paper. We discussed my concerns and I quickly connected with her and the methods that she specializes in really sounded just what I needed. I’m no longer in agony after her knowledgeable and comforting procedures. Now that she has treated me for a couple months I am ‘back to normal’. I have used acupuncture in the past and felt that was going to be the resource I wanted. I’d like to recommend Lisa - she is thorough, extremely professional and in my case Awesome. Lisa, I’m so grateful I found you. Thank you.  - Terry

I have reaped the benefits of Acupuncture with Lisa Jordan for several months. Lisa’s knowledge and gentle touch has improved my lifestyle. I was definitely skeptical when I began seeing Lisa. My symptoms have reduced and activity levels are up. I would recommend Lisa’s services.  ~ Maryann