Lisa Jordan was born and raised in Alaska and moved to the Seattle area in 1991.  In 1996 she graduated from the Brenneke School of Massage and worked as a massage therapist for 23 years until graduating from Middle Way Acupuncture Institute in August of 2016.  In 2017 Lisa and her husband Tim moved to their favorite place in Cashmere and she started her Acupuncture practice in Wenatchee, WA. and recently relocated her Acupuncture clinic to Cashmere.
Lisa practices acupuncture and East Asian Medicine because it is a natural approach to assisting people to balance and heal their own bodies as well as their minds and spirits.  The results are amazing!
Outside of her passion for helping others via Acupuncture, Lisa enjoys riding her horses in the mountains, snowboarding and kayaking with family and friends.
Lisa is certified in Toyohari Meridian Acupuncture, a gentle but powerful style of Japanese Acupuncture. Lisa specializes in combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Toyohari to get the best results for her patients.  Lisa is also certified in Point Injection Therapy for pain, deficient immune systems including vitamin B12 injections and MIC injections for to assist in weight loss. She continues to extend her education of East Asian Medicine with classes in Moxibustion, Neuropuncture and Autoimmune diseases to name a few.  Lisa is passionate about helping the community with pain management, stress reduction and other health issues.